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Sector 31 Location

Grace  Medical and dental Clinic 1298, Sector 31

Opp. Ajanta Public School, Gurgaon

Call +91-9953076985

landline: 0124-4832254

Opening Hours: 10AM to 9 PM


Sector 4 Location

Grace Medical and Dental Clinic 

Shop No.167, Sector 4 market 

behind ICICI bank, Gurgaon

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Grace Dental Clinic, Resi. cum clinic, H.No 1298 Sector 31, Opp. Ajanta public School , Gurgaon

Opening Hours 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM,      +91124- 4832254, 9953076985


Grace Dental Clinic, Orthodontic and implant center 

Shop. no 167 Sector 4 Market, Behind ICICI Bank,  Gurgaon-122001

M +91-9953076985,

Opening Hours , 5:00PM to 9:00PM,  Sunday Evening Closed   نعمة عيادة الأسنان


Dental treatment in gurgaon

Dental Implants

Success rate
What is the success rate?
From 1975 to 2004, dental implants success ranged between 90% to 100% under proper personal and professional care.

Treatment period
How long is the treatment period?
The treatment takes about one month from consultation to the first surgery for planned treatment and predictable outcomes. Tooth-in-an hour option is also available. In planned cases it takes around 6 months for complete bone healing to take place.

Treatment cost
Aren’t implants expensive compared to dentures?
Although the initial cost is high, implants are semi-permanent; thus they are actually cheaper because no additional cost is incurred as in bridge work or dentures. Also the main benefit of implant placement is that your natural bone is preserved at implant site.

Subject of treatment
Can old patients go for implant surgery?
Yes! Generally it is advisable to undergo implant surgery while they are still young because of the better bone quality & quantity. But if test proves that surgery is possible then age is not the barrier and can even be done in elderly patients.

Implant material
Does implant contain harmful heavy metal?
No. Implants are made up of bio compatible titanium metal, the same as used in hip implant or any other orthopedic devices. They do not rust, corrode and are neither harmful to your body.

Post-surgery effects
What are post-surgery–effects, if any?
After surgery, your face or gums feel stiff and sore. You might have discomfort for a couple of days but these symptoms will subside over time. If symptoms persists, however, see dentist immediately.

Does it hurt a lot?
Not at all, since local anesthesia will be administered before surgery. In fact patients say "it’s less painful than having a tooth pulled"

Cosmetic dentistry

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