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Sector 31 Location

Grace  Medical and dental Clinic 1298, Sector 31

Opp. Ajanta Public School, Gurgaon

Call +91-9953076985

landline: 0124-4832254

Opening Hours: 10AM to 9 PM


Sector 4 Location

Grace Medical and Dental Clinic 

Shop No.167, Sector 4 market 

behind ICICI bank, Gurgaon

Call +91-9953076985

Opening Hours   5:00 PM to 9:00 PM,  



«Treatment procedures

The sole objective of our Clinic is to provide our patients … 
"the best possible treatment, at the best possible Price". 
And we attempt to do it, to the best of our ability. 

Our Service is backed by over 24 years of clinical experience, an up-to-date knowledge, the latest technology and a high treatment success rate.

The following treatment procedures are undertaken at our clinic by a TEAM of talented, knowledgeable and experienced Specialists in dentistry:

We have various techniques, equipment and painless procedures to bleach the teeth with least sensitivity. We use only imported materials, and the cost is nearly ten times cheaper to Europe and USA.

2. Painless RCT (Root Canal Treatment): 
We know of many people, who have had a bad experience with RCT. It is a 'different story' at our clinic. Our state-of-the-art equipment in the hands of our experienced Endodontists (Specialist in RCT), has made RCT a very routine PAINLESS, SINGLE VISIT procedure. Our Endodontists are senior professors at a reputed Dental College, and are well respected for their knowledge and skill.

We can provide “Near Perfect" crowns & bridges at a very affordable price. This is made possible by our own in-house Dental Lab, which is ISO9001:2000 Certified for Quality Assurance. Click WHAT IS UNIQUE?to know more. 

In this painless treatment procedure, artificial teeth (made of high grade Titanium) are fixed directly into the bone. We use only imported dental implants from very reputed companies from SWEDEN, HOLLAND, ISRAEL and USA.

And that includes well-proven Dental Implants from Noble Biocare and Biohorizons. 

The painless Implant surgery is done in a sterile atmosphere by qualified and experienced Implantologists.

The cost of Dental Implant Treatment at our Clinic is approximately Ten Times cheaper to Europe and USA. Click DENTAL IMPLANTS for more information. 

5. PERIODONTIA (Treatment of Gum Diseases): 
This is a branch of Dentistry, which deals with the treatment of bad breath, loose teeth and bleeding gums. As you are probably aware, PYORRHEA (Periodontitis) is a very common disease amongst many patients. In this disease, healthy teeth 'spread-out', loosen in the gums and eventually fall out.
Bad breath, bleeding gums and sudden increase in gaps between the teeth, are first signs of this dreadful disease. Detected early, Pyorrhea can be treated effectively. Our Periodontists (Specialist in Gum Diseases) can help you in this regard. 

Most children's are scared of dentist, and therefore have to be handled intelligently. This job is ideally done by a PEDODONTIST (a Specialist in children's dentistry). Our Pedodontists are Professors at a reputed Dental College and are very good at handling children effectively.

They have a very successful program for 'prevention' of tooth decay in children (as per the specifications of WHO). 




This is a branch of dentistry that deals with 'improving' your smile and makes you look more beautiful. Dr. Hubert Gomes with his extraordinary artistic skills and nearly 27 years of clinical experience can certainly help you to smile better.

He has helped hundreds of patients (both from Goa and abroad) over the years. Many top celebrities from Europe especially ‘fly down’ to Goa to get treated by him. 

We have an oral surgeon who visits our clinic regularly and undertakes all mouth (oral) surgeries in a very effective and near painless treatment procedure.

This treatment is for the correction of crooked and protruding teeth with the help of wire/ceramic Braces. We have a prominent Orthodontist (Professor a reputed Dental College) who visits our clinic regularly.

He is very well known for his professional skills and clinical results. He specializes in "Preventive Orthodontics" - where the need for complicated orthodontic treatment is avoided or minimized by using simple, bio-friendly APPLIANCES.

It includes Dental fillings (Restorations), scaling and polishing, removable dentures, treatment for sensitive teeth, 'TMJ' treatment, Dental X-rays, etc. We use only ‘tooth coloured’ restorative materials like micro-hybrid Composites and reinforced Glass Ionomers, for all our “Fillings”.


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Grace Dental Clinic, Orthodontic and implant center 

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